We were in port for one more day. I went to Belem to try their famous custard tarts. They are good. The third one was good too, ok, and the fourth… Belem is beautiful. It is like the museum district of Lisbon.

I’m not sure if these places along the coast are considered separate cities or not, but at any rate, they are the suburbs of Lisbon, down the river and out the coast to Cascais, which is the beach town and around the corner to the surfing centre.

Monday afternoon we left Lisbon. The day was sunny, warm and peaceful. As we left the harbour the wind picked up and the waves started getting rougher. Soon we had 30 knots gusting to 40. The water was spraying over the bow. Blowin" dogs off chains as they say:) I put on all my foul weather gear and life jacket and tether. We headed to a safe port - still the outskirts of Lisbon - Cascais. I think we will be here for at least until morning if not longer.

It has been a lovely stay in Cascais (Cashcaish for pronunciation). I walked all around the town and took lots of pictures and bought a few things. I have really liked every place I have stayed so far. Cascais is the beach town for Lisbon. It is 40 minutes by train - and costs less than €5 return. I went back into Lisbon on Tuesday afternoon.

I found a little dollar store kind of place, and bought a big fluffy pillow for €2! Very happy about that. My little blow up pillow was good, but this is even better. 

Day two and the wind has not abated. It is blowing large branches off trees. The wind is not too bad two hundred miles off shore, but getting out there will be a real challenge. That, and the fact that we actually want to head down the coast to get where we are going, is probably going to keep us here one more day. 

I took a walk around the lovely gardens here in Cascais and then walked around and had a delicious Bacalhau com Natas (Cod Pie) at a little restaurant. The people there were so awesome and tried to help me figure out where to get a garden ceramic face waterspout thing that you see on every statue and fountain etc in Portugal. 

I took a bus way out to Sintra. It was a lovely drive out there and a great walk. The garden stores only had one face and it was a little large and weighed enough to be used as an anchor on our boat. :( 

We are ready to leave tomorrow morning. The wind is still blowing furiously, but it will get better.


More Lisbon streets

Lisbon tower

Lisbon fountain with those faces I want...

Yes, of course this is a through street - you did see the road signs. It's a two way street too...

Old elevator look-out

Belem Park with statue

Belem Museum

World famous Custard Tarts here!

Belem train station underpass

Cascais harbour (Cash-caish)

Cascais street

Smaller Cascais street

Tiny Cascais street

Tiled buildings are all over Portugal

Cascais main beach and town behind

Cascais fisherman's beach

Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell)

The fortress corner of the star

Cascais Faro (lighthouse)

Field above Sintra


One of Sintra's four or five or so Castles


iain said…
Good to see you're doing well... And avoiding the bad weather! Lovely photos,, must get to Portugal one of these days :))
Safe journey to the canaries!!