Kuala Lumpur

And a million vacations is you’ve got in mind…Max Webster

So after scrounging through my wallet, and digging out $20US emergency money and adding it to the pesos we still had on us, we were able to pay the 700 peso each terminal fee to fly international out of Kalibo - so add that extra $20 to each ticket… 

The flight, unlike the recent flights of some of my friends, was uneventful. No 32 hour delay, or loading and unloading repeatedly.  

We got into Kuala Lumpur Airport, and after a small argument with the “free” airport wifi, I managed to order us an Uber to go downtown. 

Ok, sidetrack here, is it just me, or is a lot of international airport wifi just plain stupid. In some airports, they want you to “sign up” for their free wifi, and get an sms with a code to enter to activate. Did they think that some people might not have a sim card that works? Like, am I supposed to buy a sim card for my four or six hour stop over so that I can get this sms message? Or how about roaming? If, I  can even get my card to work in this foreign airport, now I have to pay some ungodly roaming charge to activate my current sim card so that I can receive a message? Please, let me know if I am missing something.

Of course, while we were waiting for the uber, the free wifi dissolved into magic fairy dust, so I wasn't sure if he would actually come, or not. But he came, and he was a really nice guy, and we had a great drive downtown. He dropped us at the wrong place, but in his defence, it was the same address, it’s just that the condo entrance was around the corner. The lovely security guard walked us over and the Airbnb condo was nicer than expected. 

We went out and accidentally found the exact right place to eat satays - the street food area where everyone eats. We also ordered a green vegetable - something that I have had very little of in the Philippines… We walked around and drank in the atmosphere and bought a lot of fruit! I have decided that I like Kuala Lumpur. I think it would be a really nice place to live.

In the morning, we walked over and took pictures of the Petronas Towers. We had decided to walk to the train station which would take us through the city and do a little city tour as we went. It worked out very well. 

Beautiful fountain outside the shopping mall.

Our delicious dinner in KL

Durian for sale - we decided on rambutan and mangosteen for the bus instead

Lovely frog satays!

More satays - so good - we had beef, lamb and chicken - lamb was the best

The pool at our beautiful condo

Of course the Petronas towers

The KL Tower

Just a very beautiful office building

The Old Railway Station - still in use!

The Old Railway Station

Floating villages on the way out of KL

This building is covered with plants - those are vines growing down the outer walls.


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