Girl I'm hot blooded, check it and see
I got a fever of 103
Come on baby, do you do more then dance
I'm hot bloded, I'm hot blooded

That's why I'm hot blooded, check it and see
I got a fever of 103
Come on baby, do you do more then dance
I'm hot bloded, hot blooded

If it feels alright
Maybe you can stay all night
Should I leave you my key

But you got to give me a sign, c'mon girl
Some kind of sign, tell me
Are you hot mama
You sure look that way to me

Are you old enough
Will you be ready when I call you bluff
Is my timing right
Did you save your love for me tonight

The cool tiles felt good against my forehead. I looked at the clock. There was a procession at 8am. I struggled to sit up. I lay down. I closed my eyes. Brunch 10:30. Maybe. At 10:15 I made the kids get dressed. I struggled into a dress. I couldn’t stand anything with a waist. I looked at the clock in the other room. 9:30. Aodhan had played with the clock in the bedroom. I lay on the bed curled in a fetal position. At 10:15 I crawled out of bed and across the floor. I got the kids out and we walked up the street. Half way there Rita picked us up. I climbed feverishly into her truck. At the brunch, Aodhan had two helpings of Quiche. Ciaran was starting to not feel well. I decided we had better leave soon, before I passed out. We walked home with Puran. Puran came back to our place and took a couple of the workbooks for grades 2 & 3. I collapsed again. The boys fixed their own lunch and entertained themselves all day. I called Greg and found out he was sick too. We commiserated for a while. Jim & Nancy called, but our connection wasn’t the greatest. They may come down – they are looking into it. Hilary called. She may actually come join me here and teach!

I stumbled out of the apartment and walked like a zombie to the corner store. I bought some Gatorade for myself and some for the kids. I knew I had to have electrolytes. I sat on my bed sipping Gatorade. Each sip was agony. I took sleeping pills and Ovol. I moved the mattress off of the box spring and spread a sheet on it. I told the kids to go to stay inside now and to get something to eat and go to bed when they were tired. I lay on the box spring. I think the kids got something to eat for supper.


hilary slater said…
good to know you're feeling better today!!
Deb was in Camyagua a few years back...for about 6 weeks! she got dengue fever there..hates to remember it..
but you wont..right!
I just had some "tapanapantera" with ringo..best medicine for ailments of the mind or body :-) (pot)
3 puffs is all it takes to melt away the job-loss fears !!:-)
you go teach girl!! -no-Career woman!!

LOVE The story of the children on the mounain...good for Aodhan...he has an instinct about him...knows where life is..knows what's safe...trust his instincts..they wont lead you wrong....As long as the path isn't blue..(I noticed some blue in the lovely street cross you made!!:-)
I SOOOOOO want to be there with you...
stephen is adamant that iain stay here to finish his school year..
will keep thinking it out...perhaps a month ??
Deb is proud of your courage in taking off to places unknown!! :-)
me too
hilary slater said…
how did you survive day 1 of your new career>????
(and theboys day 1 of theirs :-)
I've sent a resume out..not sure which direction i belong now though...'mulling it over..

iain refuses to go with me, and refuses to let me go for 3 months..
a visit is the most likely..
and since i've come home from Cuba with a water disease....I'll wait til I've recovered...:-)
oldphardt said…
Wow, Elaine!
Your blog is publishable! I love reading your stuff.
I can't imagine a better experience for the boys, either.
Thanks for calling me this evening. It was hard to hear what you were saying most of the time, but I think enough got through. I just hope my suggestions bear fruit, and I would be inclined to stick with the US history unless you can get the 8's on your side at least a little.
Give the boys a hug each for me, and take one for yourself.
hilary slater said…
OH ELAINE>>I forgot to tell you about the wonders of the research seminar!!!
You have the students choose different topics..Say: Te american Presidents (all in the list)
Each student or group of 2 students cooses a different one..
THen they spend class time for the next 2 weeks doing research, books, liabrary, etc..
Then they present..but only 1 or 2 groups per day present..To the whole class...
so the class gets taught..and you sit at the back and mark them..(and learn all about those presidents!)
so you dont have lessons to prepare for those weeks of presenting..
WHen the presentations are done..
CHOOSE A NEW TOPIC..and have them start another!!
(say american periods in history, or wars they were in or NATIVE PEOPLE OF AMERICA>..
THat way you can make it through your whole 3 months without having to know anything about US history!!
hilary slater said…
applied for EI today...waiting to hear..
I have 2 weeks where I'm not eligible!!..and not yet sure whether tenants count as employment ..
but once the EI starts, I have to be here to get it..
2 weeks..
and iain refuses to go with me and stephen refuses to let him..soooo..holiday is my only option..
Waiting to get over the intestinal cuba thing....
all touch and go..have to go into work and get my stuff still..and my final $$!!
how is the teaching??? Its hell the first month..I remember..but exciting too..the little successes feel huge, the failures too..
try the idea of seminars with ALL your classes!! great practice for the kids, they learn tons, and you don't have as many lessons to prepare....and marking a seminar is WAY easier than reading a ton of essays!!
much easier on your sleep schedule!!! and motherhood too!!
waiting to hear more...