Lonely and Hungry

Day 2 – lonely and hungry

My mind is gone,
I'm spinnin' round,
And deep inside,
My tears I'll drown,
I'm losin' grip,
What's happenin'?
I stray from love,
This is how I feel.

This time was different,
Felt like I was just a victim,
And it cut me like a knife,
When you walked out of my life,
Now I'm in this condition,
And I've got all the symptoms,
Of a girl with a broken heart,
But no matter what you'll never see me cry.

We got taken to the school at 7am and it was a field trip today. They told us to bring bathing suits because we were going swimming. When we got on the big yellow school bus they told us we were going to a farm for the day. The farm, I found out is owned by the principal of the school and her husband. It was a really nice farm. They set up two little roll-up kiddy pools and got out the hose. I realized that Ciaran’s level 8 swimming ability was not really an asset. Some of the kids were driving around on a couple of little dirt bikes – they didn’t offer Ciaran and Aodhan and my boys were too shy to ask. We wandered around the couple of acres of barren grass and dirt, looked at the dozen cows and watched. No-one talked to us much. Just as much our fault as we were so hot and tired we didn’t feel much like trying to piece together the few Spanish words we know. They took the kids on a special walk over to the other side of the farm to see the horses. They have a ton of awards for riding, roping, jumping etc. They were really nice horses. We looked in all the stalls. Entertainment has reached an all time low for Ciaran.

So I can’t figure out how to eat here. The boys had a dunkin donut and a bowl of cereal for breakfast and I have had a bowl of cereal. The school went on a field trip to a farm today and all the kids had packed lunches. They gave us a few soft tostado things with cheese in them – Ciaran couldn’t eat them – they gave Aodhan a sandwich with slice salami and cheese – Ciaran of course can’t have cheese. So he had a couple of nacho chips and a bag of something called “Carbos” or something anyway the name gives it away – CARBS. Don’t these people eat anything else???? I went out to find us something later and we got some apples and watermelon to eat – but I couldn’t find anything other than fast food. I don’t feel like I can just bring some food home here and cook – but they all seem to cook and eat when we are not around. I want a salad. Aodhan is thrilled to live on donoughts and chips and Ciaran hasn’t eaten enough calories today to satisfy a kitten. I found some little restaurant kind of places – with signs – aroz con pollo etc. but they all seemed to be closed – perhaps afternoon siesta time. Maybe I will try later – maybe around 5pm. Last night they didn’t seem to eat – maybe late after we went to bed. I think we got sunburned today.

We walked around later – it seems like the whole family sleeps from 3pm – 6pm? I don’t know. We found a little place across the street sells pollo con papas. It turned out to be fried chicken with French fries. We found some Gatorade and some water in bags. Aodhan had fun writing words with his bag of water. We walked through some of the streets. Some of the areas are really quite poor, but it is hard to distinguish what is a poor area and what is a richer area as they seem to be side by side. Some nice houses and then a little street with shacks. The family we are staying with has a nice car and a gated garage and house, so they must be what I would call middle class.

Ciaran collapsed sobbing on the bed, he wants to go home. 88 days is too much – he will implode before then. He misses the minus 22 degree weather. Aodhan is still content to stay 20 days, especially since the nice lady we are staying with gave him another chocolate donut just before bed.