New York and Pennsylvania - Day 1

Well, we're setting off on another crazy adventure today. We started off in our rented Impala at about 8:30 am from Toronto. We are driving down to Washington D.C. on our Home-school American History/Geography/Social Studies tour. We will drive across to Las Vegas, following Historical route 66 once we get to Oklahoma.
There wasn't a lot to see in New York state in the rain. I mean, I'm sure there's lots to see, but we are really trying to get down into Maryland and beyond, but this was a really nice bridge over a very pretty river.And of course, the opposite to the Andes, the Allegheny Mountains. Yes, here we fielded the question of when do you demote a Mountain - just like Pluto lost it's "planet status" Anyway we passed through the Allegheny Big Hill Range.
Aodhan was a little concerned when we got to some signs that said "no passing" as he felt sure that we needed to pass them to get to D.C. Hmmm... what to do
This was a really cool gate - so now we get bonus points for visiting stone-henge - I mean they already went to it when they were babies, so technically they've seen the real thing.


alittlestar said…
You guys are so lucky! I can't wait to do trips like this with my kids. I'll live vicariously through you for now so have fun!
Our snails are doing fabulously by the way, it's possible they've already laid eggs! Ingrid and Sebastian set up a very nice habitat for them so we'll have to see what happens.

Shannon said…
Elaine, I saw your blog link on the torschool yahoo group this morning. How exciting to take such a road trip!!! I am excited to see what your trip brings. This is something we have dreamed of doing with our kids. Thank you for being willing to share. Enjoy yourselves and keep posting! Shannon
Sunshine said…
Love the photos. What are you going to do in Las Vegas?