Our courtyard - Laundry time!


Michelle said…
Beautiful blogging Elaine - a joy to read! Sounds like you all are settling in quite well despite the culture shock.

You look happy in your photos as do your boys. I can't wait to read your next adventure installment!

Buenos Tardes!
Anza said…
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hilary slater said…
hey,,great to talk to you yesterday,...I'm feeling like I"m a hot air balloon and dont know which way the wind is going to blow me...
You DO look happy, although I can see the emotions you're hiding from the camera ...
I've emailed stephen to suggest that i take Iain with me..he's against it..
so I"m in a quandry..
I can imagine a month...but 3 months..dont know if I can do that to me or iain.
will work out the thoughts..
and the money stuff
also worried about losing tenants if ringo doesn't feed them well..
and I need the tenants to pay the bills..
sooooooo i will keep you posted...perhaps a visit is best at this point..and then will see where that takes me..
I"ve found a posting for an ESL art lecturer at OCAD..Im quite qualified..so....it starts in september...
will apply today/tomorrow..
I'm loving reading your blogs..they will make a great book when you return!! :-)