April Fools


I told Ciaran and Aodhan that Greg and I had decided to send them to school when we get back. Ciaran started sobbing. I guess April Fools day only works in Canada. I had thought I would play April Fools with my students, and maybe even post an April Fools blog… but after my disaster with Ciaran, I decided to let it go. As it was, Puran decided to tell her kids about April Fools day. From then on her kids did nothing but throw paper and scream, and when she asked why they all screamed April Fools!!! Maybe it doesn’t translate so well into Honduran culture… Maybe I’m just really glad I let it go.

I’m out of water again. I have decided to just buy the little bags of water 10 at a time. The kids are drinking them fast. I guess I will have to buy some every day. They want them frozen and I only have a little fridge freezer. They thaw out so quickly here in the 40+ degree weather.

I don’t seem to notice the heat so much any more. We have taken to not wearing sunscreen. I mean, I guess we would still put it on if we were going swimming or something, but, not just for a regular day.

Hilary – I owe you one. The kids are stomping on their clothes in the shower and it really works. The clothes don’t always come out perfectly spotless, but at least they’re wearable. I have made arrangements with some cleaning ladies at the school. They will come after school at 3pm on Monday for a couple of hours. I don’t know what it will cost yet. I am going to have them wash the floor, clean the kitchen and bathroom and do the laundry. I need the time for marking.

Hilary!!... I owe you two. I have let all my US History students pick a topic. They will write an essay – at least 200 words + pictures/diagrams etc. They will each present… Yeah! Thanks. I can’t wait. I get paid to learn US History??!! Wow!

Their topics:
American Music
Las Vegas
American Revolution and the war of 1812 a comparison
Statue of Liberty
War in Afganistan
George Bush
Thomas Edison
George Washington
American Football
Vietnam War

I have also set my grade 11’s an essay – although, I don’t think I will have them present. The topic was food!

Life is really getting boring here let me tell you. I don’t have time for anything else.

I really have to start posting some of the answers I get to my questions.

Grade 8 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Does Charlie have the same chance as all the other children to find a golden ticket, Explain why or why not.

Answer: (mark: 3/5)
Yes, he does because he is one of the main characters and likes a lot of chocolate.

Grade 10 - English

Define the following Literary Terms that you might find on your English Exam.

Answer: to make a list

Answer: to draw a picture

A drawing or outline

I'm going to bring crayons to the grade 10 English exam so they can Illustrate their ideas and sketch out stories...


hilary slater said…
i bought 4 packs of crayons :-)
glad my ideas are helpful!!! Thought they would be...especially since weathered feet from washing clothes are alot more sexy than weathered hands!! ( figured out that method once while watching people stomp grapes on some show..I think in Dom Rep 2 years ago :-)
and the rest we'll work out when I GET THERE :-)
Wed 4am will come sooooon :-)
Wonder if greg feels like making another 4am drive to the airport???? :-)