Rita Puran


Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
'Cause there's gonna be a test later.
Teacher teacher now we're back in school, are you smarter than you used to be?
Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
Grab a pencil and a piece of paper.
Teacher teacher now we're back in school, so are you smart enough for the fifth grade?

Grade 7

What country do you live in:
- Tegucigalpa

What large bodies of water surround Honduras?
- Indian Ocean
- Arctic Ocean

Grade 10

Write the past tense:

Sing - sank
Climb – clumb, clamb
Fall - felt

Grade 11

Change this sentence from passive to active.

The guests were played a lively folk tune by the orchestra.
Orchestra folk tunes were played lively by guests.

List the Pronouns in the following sentences:

Ciaran’s writing the grade 11 English exam right now for me. I am considering taking out any part he has trouble with.

So I go into the grade 9 classroom today.
“Please start on the 7 questions for the story you just read – The Widow and the Parrot”.
“What page?”
“If you look in the index at the front of the book, or in the back of the book under the list of Titles and Authors, you will find that information”.
“But what page is it?”
“Look in your index”.
“But what page is the index?”
“It would be located at the front of your book.”
“But what page are the questions on?”
“Look it up.”
“I can’t do it if you won’t tell us what page.”
“It’s your fault if we can’t do it because you won’t even tell us what page to work on.”
“I don’t have a pen.”
“You are supposed to come prepared”
“You have to give me a pen or I can’t do my work.”
“I have already lent out several pens this semester and no-one returns them so I don’t have a pen.”
“Open your books”
“But I don’t know what page?”
- repeat all above lines -
- wait 5 minutes
- start over at line 2