La Cucaracha


“WOW!!” That it one giant cockroach!”, I heard Aodhan’s voice from the bedroom. I tipped over my flimsy plastic chair as I jumped up. I armed myself with a dishcloth and approached the bedroom door trepedaciously. I saw the two and a half inch creature on the wall, swallowed the contents of my stomach again, and left to find a bigger towel. “Don’t worry mommy – he’s more afraid of you” “Thanks” I said, glad of the reassurance. I covered him with the towel and he dove out from under my hands, landing squarely on the bed. We all let out huge screams and started jumping around dancing the cucaracha dance! The creature disappeared over the edge of the bed, non-plussed, but obviously annoyed at the disturbance to his peaceful explorations. I could see that our little geckos were not going to be helpful with this one, in fact, I could almost hear the cockroach lick his lips when thought of our little geckos. I think we need some iguanas in our apartment. “Don’t worry mommy, cockroaches don’t bite” “Easy to say when you’re not the one holding the towel” I thought. I dragged the bed away from the wall and I could see him sitting (how could I miss him?) on the edge of the mattress. I put the towel over him again (a little less daintily this time) and grabbed him. Even through the thick folds of cloth, I could feel him protesting his indignant treatment. I ran shrieking to the door and took him out into the darkness to shake out over the wall, dancing about the whole time in case in his confusion he should jump back and land on the person that was causing him his distress, hoping that he would not find stable footing on my gyrating body. I threw the towel on the clothesline and fled back inside. “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” came the plaintive little voice.


hilary slater said…
sounds like the cousin of the one I saw in Greece..upon which I vomited in instantaneous shock and disgust..
turns out i was pregnant...(that was the first sign)
so your two stories of bugs and puke both tied in with that memory :-)
I feel for you cleaning vomit off sheets under that dog-taking-a-leak-shower Greg laughs at the stories, but I feel utter grief and recognition of the trauma ...
by the way, when are you bringing that little boy home with you? We could adopt him communally and send him to school in TO..wouldn't that be an amazing act..
I most often think of the hill people and wish to hell that I'd left everything I own for them to use,...
I am here with so much, nothing wanting, and feel so trapped that I can't just send things down there to them...leave everything there with them will be so much more wonderful to know that your belongings are doing so much more good there, ..Not to mention reducing the airport travel trauma in Miami! :-)
I wish I could send them all my goodwill bags of clothing each month!!!
I'm on page 100 of my novel..."patsy" is pregnant and her husband made out with a man at the christmas party while drunk... :-)
the book will be called "revenge therapy"
I didn't expect her to get pregnant, so I've reached a bit of an impasse..not sure where it's going for the 2nd half of the story! But its exciting to reach half way, in just 2 weeks!
ok..enough chatter..I've tried to call you so many times..and your phone is always "not functioning"
Had another 3-date wonder..til he told me last night he has herpes..(I ASKED or he wouldn't have mentioned it!)..oh, and he doesn't like condoms, so he doesnt use them...and sows his wild (diseased) oats to all and sundry..
we only kissed...PHEW>> :-)
hurry home..typing is too impersonal!
hilary slater said…
its may 2-4 although its only the 18th..and rain is the order of the day..
i'm being lazy...computing and not being at all productive. Sometimes you need that to get the creative juices flowing.
I"m doing 2 freelance landscape jobs..Big starter jobs, but I"m excited to be doing something productive (aka making money!)
I heard you guys are getting a 200$+ tenant...I WANT ONE OR TWO!!
gotta get greg to tell me how!
I've got carpenter ants in my wood in the front window sill of my house..might be expensive..will have to call in the pros I guess..
not another renovation.
anyway, less than a month now! what shall we do this summer? Newfoundland in august??
I"ve (at this point) got august open -last 3 weeks- to go away...
unless i get that job i just applied for...