the lost boys

The Lost Boy - San Pedro Sula

The little boy selling chips on the bus. They get on at one end of town and ride the bus to the other end of town, and then wait at the other end for a bus going the other way.

This is the little 7 year old from San Pedro Sula. He sells water in the park all day because his father is in jail and he has to help feed his little brothers and sisters. If there was one kid I could have brought home...

This little guy in Copan was about Ciaran's age - and about his size too. The sack he is carrying is filled with cabbages for his family to sell at their little vegetable spot at the side of the city street. The bag would be way to heavy for me to lift. And I thought Ciaran was strong...

This little guy helps his mom sell jewelery. He plays all daydfa at the side of the road.


hilary slater said…
FUCK I Wrote you a HUGE letter just now..and it got wiped out..
In short..finished my 50,066 word novel last night!
Iain's friends have been little buggers so I addressd it with the mothers..and "iains perception must be wrong!"
I've got a job interview on friday...landscape..and I want to have a holiday this I think I"l book it before the interview so I make sure I get one! HOw does Newfoundland sound>?? I was looking at St John and it seems lovely...kayaking whales, Cool breezes, etc..shall we??
ok, ciao
Val. said…
Hi Elaine, Ciaran and Aodhan,

We miss you guys so much, and look forward to your homecoming.

Hope you received my Mother's Day card.

Greg told me about the cheap clothes. I would love a Honduran skirt, or whatever is indigenous to the country, about size 10 waist 26'' and I am 5'5''

Greg and I hadd a lovely Mother's Day but I know he was really missing you.

Finally got my google account to work.

Much Love,

hilary slater said…
hey guys..I had a job interview yesterday..went really well...landscape./full time..UGH>//
but good company..
and THIS time I went in there with some stipulations..
a week off in August to take Iain to NFLD..(fly) and A MONTH OFF in JANUARY to go to PERU...
she said those things were fine! :-)
and then I upped my salary by 10 000 from the last job!
she's going to crunch numbers and then called me for interview #2 on monday..and i will be more in charge, more respected for my skills...I'll be meeting with clients, site visits, etc..
even if I"m working, I can still take off to teach english with you in the winter months!! :)
so summers -tenants and job full time..
winters- run away and see other places..
pretty good balance, wouldn't you say>??
I'll go now in case it crashes like last time and wipes out my text..!
hilary slater said…
hurry home you three!! Happily awaiting your arrival...except I"m working full time now, so evenings will be our only social time!!
and weekends of course..breakfast at Johnnie G's this weekend??
Alex only works on sundays now..he;s taking a course on saturdays..
so booked for sunday morning!!