3:30 a.m.

Just another fast food order!

30May08 – 3:30am

Aodhan wole me with his plaintive “I need to go to the bathroom mommy”. The light is burned out in the bathroom (since last night) so he wanted a flashlight. Now of course… I can’t sleep. It doesn’t help that the kids sound like they are hiding pet seals under their blankets – aroof aroof aroof. I just hope they don’t cough up one of their lungs – I keep asking them if they are going to and they giggle at the thought. This bed is not so comfortable to sit on. The ends of the bed (and the sides) all are very soft, so if you lean back against the wall – even with a pillow, it feels as if my butt is sliding down in between the wall and the bed, and slowly pushing the bed away from the wall.

This is the quietest tropical storm I’ve ever been in. The air outside is so still. The leaves are hanging quiet and still and there isn’t a breath of wind, Is It just sucking up all the air and getting ready?

I’m getting better with food. I have stopped trying to buy their wilted iceberg lettuce. I realized tomatoes were so cheap and red and yellow peppers and cucumbers etc. Now I just buy those vegetables and I love it. The peppers came with a little sample pack called “Tajin”. It is like a lime & chili flavour of Mrs Dash – really tasty on salad – I have been putting this instead of any salad dressing and it is delicious. I went to the stores and tried to buy some, but they said it is only available in Guatemala. Welcome to a country that gives out free samples of a product you can’t buy!!! I guess their marketing department doesn’t understand the whole “free sample” concept.


hilary slater said…
ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you've had enough holiday time since you got back!!
love HIL

and where's the "WE LOVE YOU" photograph???