In Acapulco we went scuba diving. We took the kids to the Scuba 2000 pool a couple of times before we left for our trip. The kids loved the diving. This was a big bonus, because I thought the kids would have to be 12 to dive. We only went down about 20 feet or so with them. We all loved it. We went on two dives. On the first dive, the instructor had Ciaran and Aodhan hold on to his BCD. We saw a manta ray and starfish and lots of other fish. Mostly I think, the kids just found it fascinating to be under the water. On the second dive, the instructor let Ciaran go on his own quite a bit. Ciaran wants to get certified when he gets home.

After diving, we went to a restaurant that was recommended by the dive place. While we were there, we met another couple from the ship that was having a tour from “The Pink Ladies”. They called another lady and she gave us a tour. We drove up into the hills, to interdenominational church, to the old crumbling hotel and to some of Diego Rivera’s artwork etc. We took the kids back to the boat at about 6pm so that they could go on their special kids club tour of the Norwegian Sun’s bridge (which Greg and I would have rather gone on, but we weren’t allowed). We went back out to see the cliff divers. The cliff divers weren’t really that exciting, but it is one of those things you must do in Acapulco I guess! I did find out some interesting trivia about them. There is only one (extended) family that dives; you must be related to join the divers.