Should I stay or should I go now

All my bags are packed... I’m ready to go... too bad my bus doesn’t leave for another 3 hours.

We are in Mendoza, Argentina and it’s 9:30 am on November 28th 2008. Greg’s bus left this morning at 7:10 am to go back to Santiago. he will arrive at 1:30 pm and his flight is at 8:30 pm. In the morning, when Greg left. I felt so hopelessly abandoned. I waved at his bus window. Alone. Am I doing the right thing? I envisioned it the other way. That Greg would be waving at me. Now I have six hours to waste until my bus leaves. Our bus leaves for Salta at 12:30 pm and there will not be anyone to wave goodbye to. Should I have gone back with Greg? The kids would say yes. It is scary and sad being so alone here. Outside it is raining, tears falling to wash away the grime, but to bring with it a new layer of debris. Am I doing the right thing with my life? It is an unanswerable question. What is the drive that makes me want to learn about different places, what makes me want to go, to run away? I wish Greg were here with me - this last few weeks has been so perfect. We walked slowly to the bank machine and stood in line for 45 minutes. Why is there such a long line up at every bank machine right now? Why do people take so long at bank machines? Do people mistake them for internet cafes and stand there trying to get their e-mails? They couldn’t possibly be spending that much time getting money! We will reach Salta at 7am. It is a long, overnight bus ride. From there I need to find a bus back across the border to Arica, Chile, and then across another boarder into Tacna, Peru, and then finally to Arequipa.
After the bank, we went to the internet cafe. The kids were thrilled to spend some time online. I opened my e-mails. finally a response from the school in Arequipa Peru. Yea ... finally...

Dear Elaine
Your e-mail took me a surprise. I wasn't expecting you to come since you didn't confirm that you were coming for sure and we didn't come to a final agreement. At this point I don't know what to do. Why didn't you confirm that you were coming? And find an accommodation as you want is a bit difficult... I 'm sorry.

Hmmm. I did ask for adventure. Be careful what you wish for eh? So here I sit. I am alone in a bus terminal in Mendoza Argentia. Greg just left on a bus. I have a $200 bus ticket to get me halfway to Peru. I have to leave in 4 hours with nowhere to go.