At Sea on the Cruise

The Cruise...


What a great time. On the Norwegian Sun we met many wonderful people, some people that we will probably stay in touch with and some that I’m sure we will see again. It was a cruise where everything came together and was wonderful. We participated in many silly activities - you know what they say “What happens on cruise ships stays on... You Tube?”

Aodhan really liked the kids club. He wanted to be there every second of the trip. Ciaran loved the library and the older kids used it as a meeting place. We met Tim Kaminski, who was the comedian on the boat. He is very off the cuff and a really nice guy. He is going to keep in touch with Ciaran.

We enjoyed our sea days as much as we enjoyed our port days.

Our group of friends got stronger as the cruise progressed and at every port we went on, what came to be known as, our magical mystery tours!

When we crossed the equator. We went out on the balcony to experience the hottest place on earth, and Aodhan’s first comment was “can you get me a sweater - it’s really cold”. Ya, what a load of bunk they taught me in school. The equator was definitely NOT warm.

They had a fun ceremony on the ship where they did a whole Poseidon ceremony. People dressed up in togas and were covered with coloured whipped cream and thrown in the pool.