Today Patricia invited us to a fiesta! It was a big public festival in a fairground. There was a bull-fighting arena there, but Patricia says they only do the bullfighting in August. There was tents with food to buy. We bought some rice and chicken and some corn on the cob. The corn has huge white pieces. Patricia ordered the pork. The pork came with a side of fried pork skin and giant half popped popcorn. It was white and popped inside, but still had the shells on. We tried everything.

There was a big bingo board and lots of people were playing bingo for prizes. Then they had a musical group on stage, then more bingo and then more music.

This is the main stage area. In the background you can see the bullfighting area. It is just a grass/dirt large square area, with concrete bleachers around it. In front of the main stage is a big bingo board. They played bingo off and on for hours!

There was a trampoline and a bouncy slide for the kids. Lots of people were playing with balls on the field and most families were having family picnics with the food they bought at the food tents. Aodhan had a lot of fun on the trampoline and the bouncy slide.

This was one of the musical groups.