Getting Settled

On the weekend, I met up with Sara and Nia again (the girls from my 36 hour bus ride). They took me to one of their favorite restaurants “Fez”. We had falafels that were really great. We went to one of the really old churches and then to the Mercado San Camilo together. Their friend was there and invited us to see her house in the countryside. We will have to do that.

Sara & Nia

Patricia helped me set up piano lessons for the boys - they will start on Monday. The professor will come to the house and he will lend Ciaran a small keyboard to practice on. She is going to help me find horseback lessons too. I may take some Spanish lessons and I am trying to think of what else we could take. Patricia said that the horseback place also does therapy with young children and they need volunteers to help. I may volunteer with them.

We have started piano lessons. Jano is the professor and he is really nice. He doesn’t speak a lot of English - maybe like my Spanish - so it’s great, the boys are also getting Spanish lessons at the same time!


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