Today we went to the beauty parlor. I went up to Patricia’s first. Her new student is a 54 year old man from Netherlands. Kendra, Patricia and I had all taken votes on what he would look like. Kendra said tall, dark and handsome, Patricia said short, fat and bald, I said tall, blond and average looking. Patricia was the closest. He is also muy serio. He sits at meals with a straight face and never smiles at anything.

Patricia told me that the school she works with, who supplies students to her, is moving across town and wants her to move too if she wants to keep working with them. Sure! that’s easy, just pack up and sell your house and buy a new one. Ya right. There is only one other school in her neighbourhood - She’s going to contact them, but she is not too hopeful. She has lost so much in the last few months, her mother passed away, her husband (walked out on her and the kids) and now perhaps a good chunk of her income... She is really being tested. She is a very strong, and she will come through all this alright.

The hairdresser did my hair. They don’t have the same selection of hair colours as in Canada. Mostly darker colours. Not too many people want strawberry blond here. I had a choice of ash blond or bright burgundy tinged red or brown. I went with the red. The haircut was great, and she did a great job on the colour (my eyebrows are a bit bright!). However, the colour doesn’t completely suit me, so I may try to find somewhere with a better colour - and get her to do the cut next time. It looks a lot better though! I also had my nails done. Hair colour, shampoo, cut and nails all came to $/. 67 (divide by 3 for US dollars) about $26.50 CAD.

Aodhan had to go to the bathroom while we were there. The lady showed him where. He came back a minute later. “Mommy, there’s no seat!” “I need to sit”. I told him to pretend he was in the woods and use it anyway - there was nowhere else to go and my hair was covered in dye. “Deal With It” I said. After a while we heard a screech from the bathroom. “There’s no toilet paper”. Ciaran took him some and we heard more very loud screeching “Ciaran - Close The Door” “Ciaran - Close it” “AGHHH” Ciaran came back and we giggled a little. All of a sudden we heard an ungodly scream and some unsavory language coming from the back room “Shut the door - I need privacy - AAAGGHHHH!!!” one of the poor unsuspecting hairdressers had opened the door, not realizing he was there. Ciaran and I and the other hairdressers laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks. The poor girl came out with her hair straight on end, but after a few minutes, she giggled a little too.

After the hairdresser, we went to Fez, which is our favourite restaurant here. Ok, well it is the only restaurant we have been to. We will try some more. They serve falafels which are really good and cost about $2.70 each. That, combined with a couple of 60c bottles of water or clubs soda, and a $2 crepe with ice cream. Mmmmm.

We stopped at the grocery store and took a taxi home, just in time for piano lessons. Later I made butter chicken for supper, and we relaxed in our little home.