La Serena

We drove through the Valle de Elqui. The valley is quite beautiful with vineyards and other farms. It is a sharp contrast to the arid foothills and mountains around it covered with desert and cactus. We went to a pisco vineyard and saw how pisco is made. Pisclo is the national drink of Chile. It is a distilled liquor made of grapes, which is quite good. Everyone (except Aodhan) got a taste of the 75% alcohol Mark asked if he could buy some, but they said it was illegal. They had orange trees there and the oranges were amazing! They were probably the best oranges I have ever had. The people there said that you had to squeeze the jugo out and fill them with sugar - I could not imagine doing such a thing to such good oranges. We drove to the Puclaro dam and walked across it. On the way back we visited the lighthouse with it’s beautiful beach.