We found a taxi with our new friends Kathy and Simon. They have a 7 year old boy (Blake) and a 2 year old girl (Justine). We went to the Science Museum in Los Angeles. It was a great Museum, and the History Museum was right beside it. I highly recommend these museums for anyone traveling to L.A. However... I am sad to say, I was a little disappointed with the trip, for a few reasons. It took us over an hour to get a taxi and the ride to the museum was about 45 minutes. The boat was leaving at 5:30 pm, and it was 11:00 plus you have to be on the ship an hour before it left and a little earlier then that just to be safe,so we really only had four hours. So the trip back was going to be close to rush hour. The whole thing gave us very little actual time at the museum. The main show at the museum on anatomy which looks really cool for the kids, was finishing a show, and the next show wasn’t on until after we left... The taxi cost $60 each way because it was so far. Anyway, the museum was good and the friends were great.