Mercado Photos

Mercado San Camilo is really pretty. This picture shows about about a third of the main market - the fruit and vegetable section. To the left is the seafood and dairy section and to the right is the meat and flowers and juice section. At the far end there are some booths that sell hats and other things like kitchen supplies. There are many little stores around the market, that sell just about everything else, and another building beside that sells a lot of clothing.

These are my amigas Genoveva and Asuncion. I understand Genoveva's accent better. She is the one on the left - she took me to the cemetary. However, she likes to put her face up really close and yell the words at me really loudly - like that'll help me understand the Spanish better!! They are both so sweet.

Aodhan and a small white rat (not the one that snacked on Ciaran).

Ciaran and a bunny. I hope this one is for a pet - it is too small and cute to eat.

Ciaran and a hamster.

Ciaran and Maria at the Mercado. Ciaran and Maria get along really well.

Chickens for sale. - Yes they do still have their heads attached. Down the street from the market there is a little restaurant where they are stir-frying chicken feet everytime we walk by.

Ciaran and a parrot. These ones were being sold out the front of the market.

They sell pieces of squash - cut whatever size you want.