The Park Around the Corner

After we got home from the festival, we went to the park near our house. It was lovely.
Aodhan played on the playground equipment.

Ciaran and I walked over and looked at the Alpacas. They were pretty mean - snorting and spitting and rearing when Ciaran came close. Later, Aodhan came over and said “mommy an alpaca sneezed on me” He had green leafy Alpaca spit in his hair.

We went to see the peacock. He was beautiful and showing off for the peahen in the cage for most of the time we were there. We also looked at the geese. We stayed for about an hour playing in our beautiful park.

I have learned that many of the country people, especially the older ones that hang on to old superstitions, feel that a camera will steal a piece of their soul. So, most of these people are very camera shy and will get very angry if if you ask to take their picture. This lady was in the background when I was taking a photo of Ciaran.