Patricia's House - Photos

Aodhan, Patricia, Elaine, Santiago, Peter, Maria, Kendra
Patricia's house with a view of Misti in the background.

Patricia's house. Patricia lives on the second floor, and rents out the two apartments on the first floor. You can't see the whole house - half was cut off by the tree. Ciaran is at the top of the stairs and Aodhan is by the gate.

The lovely park around the corner.

View out the back door of Patricia's house - with Misti in the background.

Our bedroom

Living room with doors to the kitchen and bathroom.

Looking the other way into the living room.

The bathoom - including a really nice washing machine! Yea I don't have to hand wash everything after being in transit for 3 days!

The kitchen - sorry the wicker lampshade casts weird shadows!