We got up and had our delicious breakfast in our lovely hotel. The buffet is included in the hotel price. There was really nice selection of european breads - like whole grain with nuts in it as we soft white bread with a very crispy crust and banana bread. There was a selection of cereals including a granola with fresh fruit and nuts. They had plain yogurt and flavorued ones - I love yogurt on my cereal - anyone who hasn´t tried this should. The orange juice was fresh squeezed of course and very tasty. They made us fresh eggs and bacon. There was more, but we were quite full.

The kids were impatient to get to the ATV place. The kids went on for half an hour in the park, around the trails with an instructor. Then Aodhan went behind me and an instructor went behind Ciaran, and we went up into the mountains for an hour and a half. She took us through the Valle de Luna, and up through the little farming areas. The scenery was beautiful and surreal at times. Ciaran was mostly driving on his own and Aodhan was hanging on to me for dear life! When we got back the kids wanted to take the smaller ATVs around the park by themselves for almost a half hour.

We decided, that despite the large breakfast, we were hungry - it was 2pm. We decided to take the chance on one of the little tents at the park. Aodhan had fish, and Ciaran and I decided to share a steak. I found out later, although my Spanish is not perfect so I might be wrong, that the steak was caballo... Well it was delicious anyway. both dinners came with salad and a creamy tasteless rice and corn mixture and a corn on the cob (with the huge white kernals), and a tasteless root vegetable that I can´t remember the name of right now - maybe yucca. Just as we ordered, the skies opened up and the hail started - there was lots of it and then rain poured down for about an hour while we ate and after. We were very happy we had chosen to eat at that moment. While we were eating, we met a lovely couple with three very cute kids. She let me take a picture of the kids. The mountain people here all have beautiful rosy cheeks.

After eating, and one the rain had mostly stopped, we were accosted immediately by the people with the horses to go riding. We went for an hour and they took us down into the valley and along the river. The scenery was stunning. Ciaran and I rode alone, and Aodhan sometimes rode alone, and sometimes the girl helped him. On the way back up, Aodhan got scared because the horse kept going really close to the edge of the cliff. Finally one of the girls rode behind him and he was much happier. I tried to get a photo, but I could see that it made the girl really uncomfortable, so I didn´t take it.

We walked back to the hotel. On the way we bought a "beavertail" or "elephant ear" or some such similar thing. It is a piece of pastry, flatted out to look like one of the above mentioned items, and then deep fried. They didn´t have sugar and cinammon for it. It was still good. Maybe next time we will bring some!

We went to the pool to go swimming, but we were so cold and so the pool felt cold. The hot tub wasn´t filled, but they are filling it for us with hot water while I sit and type this blog.