Nightmare Before Christmas

So I checked my e-mail this morning and Hilary is having one hell of a time getting here. It seems you just can´t get here from there. They are feeling like I was when I did my 36 hour journey through hell and back.

I ran all the way to the market down the big hill, with tears streaming down my face. I just wanted to escape and ... and ... and what? Where to go, what to do. Hilary is not feeling any better than I am, maybe worse. I was afraid of this. I turned around and ran back up the hill from the market. It´s only about 6-10 blocks, but at 3500 metres that is really hard on the lungs. I was really heaving by the time I got to the hotel and I felt like throwing up. I sat on the wall and put my head in my hands and thought. I was too tired to do anything else and my blood was coursing through raised veins along my hands and in my head. I went to the bus terminal, I checked out all my options, I talked to the kids, I thought some more. Giving up at this point would be so unfair to Hilary who has dragged herself and Iain and two very heavy packs at a hellbent pace across South America to spend Christmas toghether. My only option is to wait in Uyuni. She will get here when she can.

We watched tv until noon, and then checked out of the hotel. They were really nice and kept my big knapsack for me until later today so I don´t have to drag it around.

We went to the market and looked all day at hotels and hostels. We bought some cheap mittons because it is really quite cold. Ciaran found straight razors and bought one for his Sweeny Todd costume for next Halloween. We bought Churros and beaver tails (or the Bolivian equivalent) with icing sugar. Breakfast had been 0k in the hotel, but by three we needed to eat. We found a wonderful Eastern place - Thai, Japanese, Indian - on Calle Sagarnga and ate there. The teriaki chicken skewers were fabulous, and the Indian chicken was great. It came with a delicious soup and rice and little delicios tidbits. $98 Bs.

I was feeling much better after eating tonight. I am relaxing and coming to terms with ignoring Christmas day. We have decided to have Christmas in March this year. When we get home, we will have a big Christmas tree and some big Christmas dinners and gifts and family. We have decided that it is not the specific day that makes the celebration special, it is the thoughts and the feelings behind the celebration. i can´t wait to have our big turkey dinner in March and I hope that Hilary and Iain will join us to celebrate.