Mercado San Camilo

We walked on and came to a big beautiful market called San Camilo. There was guys selling beautiful birds at the one door and he let the boys hold some of them. We looked at many things in the market and bought some more food. We talked to lots of people, who loved the boys with the long golden hair. We met two ladies in one aisle. One sells beans and one sells chicken. There names are Genoveva and Asuncion. We talked for a while, and I understood part of the conversation. I will come back and visit them. They took me upstairs to where there are live animals - guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, geese, etc. It is not a large room and it is filled with cages. The people are all so nice and they will let you hold all the animals. The animals are all so peaceful and tame that they don’t mind being held. They probably should bite someone, considering they are all there for food... I will be spending lots of time in this market.

We go to the market many days and talk to our friends. Patricia says it’s no problem to buy our fruits and vegetables there, but not the meat. I have to admit, the meat sitting at room temperature all day with flies buzzing around and an old tree stump as a butcher block? Well, certainly wouldn’t pass the Canadian inspections, so maybe, because I have had enough vomit this vacation already, I will go to the grocery store for my meat.

The second day that I went to the market, the one lady (Genoveva) excitedly asked me if I wanted to go to the cemetery with her. Sure! Why not! We got a taxi with another lady, who got out before we reached the cemetery. We went first to the florist across the street, who made a beautiful bouquet for her. The cemetery was beautiful. The view of Misti was gorgeous - and of course this was the one day I decided not to bring my camera. - last time I will go out without one.

We go upstairs where the live animals are quite a bit. There are guinea pigs, rabbits, turkeys, pigeons, white rats, ducks & ducklings, and an assortment of other odds and ends - even once a quail. Most of the animals are sold for food, a few, like some of the rabbits and some budgies are sold as pets, and the white rats and some other animals are sold for science classes. At the bottom of the stairs there is usually a few people selling kittens and puppies and guinea pigs and some little frogs. The frogs are apparently made into some kind of frog-nog that people drink??? The animals are all very friendly, and the owners don’t seem to mind the boys picking them up. One day, Ciaran and Aodhan were playing with the white rats. They are so cute and friendly. It was getting late, and I asked them to put the rats back in the cage so we could go. Ciaran was playing around the cage after putting the rats in, sticking his fingers through the bars, thinking it was cute that the rats came up and gently nibbled on his fingertips... until one of them decided to see if his finger was really tasty! Ciaran screamed and there was blood everywhere! He wasn’t a mean rat - he was just used to people poking edible things through the cage bars. After a few days and several bandaids and a course of penicillin, Ciaran went back and held him again. So now I have to tell people that Ciaran was bitten by a rat in South America. By the way, the wound healed completely cleanly, no signs of redness, swelling, heat or overall fever. So far so good!