ATVing and Dirtbiking Photos

This area is called Valle de Luna (Valley of the Moon). We drove the ATVs up into the hills to see the fascinating scenery.

Ciaran drove his own ATV with an instructor behind him to help. By the end, he needed almost no help.
Aodhan drove with me. He will drive his own ATV in the park alone, but prefers to ride with someone when we are out on the roads.
This is Aodhan on a smaller ATV in the park driving alone.

Valley of the Moon.
A little lake where the local people go. You can go on boat rides and buy prepared food from local vendors, or picnic the little kids can go on manually operated rides.

There is no electricity for these rides, the operator turns them by hand. The cars are old "Little Tykes" plastic vehicles and other ride on toys screwed onto the base. Very ingenious - I mean for little kids, why do we need something motorized?

Even this little ferris wheel is turned by hand by the operator.

Hilary and Iain went ATVing with us when we went back to La Paz. They took us on a different route - because I thought it might be better to see something new rather than the same thing we saw, but the route was really much more difficult and although the scenery was stunning, it was perhaps not as interesting as going through all the little villages and by the lake like we did the first time.

We went the next day, and Ciaran learned to ride a dirtbike. He picked this up in a couple of hours of practice.