It was cold in the early morning, so we wore our sweaters and coats and scarves and gloves!They had one air vent set up that was shooting a loud jet of steam high in the air.
The bubbling mud was like another planet. The smell was toxic. It wasn't just sulfur, it was an unholy smelling foul vile stench. Dante imagined hell, well, now I can too.

They were quite pretty - but really quite scary to get this close!
Slipping in to one of these would be about the worst nightmare I could imagine.

After we left the geysers, the scenery was spectacular as we drove through the early morning light.
The hot spring was relaxing. The air was freezing - remember, we were wearing scarves and mittens, but the water was over 100F. When we got there the pool was absolutely packed with tourists on similar expeditions. We stayed in for about half an hour and then had our breakfast of scrambled eggs, cereal and coffee.