When we stopped for the second night of our Salar tour, we went for a late afternoon walk. There was a herd of Llamas, and further away, and much more shy was a herd of vicunas - which are like thin delicate little llamas. But they are always really shy, so I don't have any pictures of them. The llamas were quite tame.

Here I am, taking that last shot! Look how close they are - no telephoto lens needed!

What the heck do they eat? There's not much grass out here.

You can see the affects of altitude here in Ciaran's face. Notice his cheeks are taking on that characteristic red like the mountain folk, and the rest of his face has blotches of red.

Ciaran and Iain on the way back from our walk. The sun is beginning to set.
The sunset turned out to me marvelous and we sat on a small hillock watching it.

Later we had our supper. The soup was delicious again. The pasta was . . . interesting. The meat had a very gamey taste, and there was some soupy vegetables thrown in, but no tomato sauce. Aodhan and Iain added some of the pasta to their soup. The pasta was not a hit. Luckily after our big chicken lunch, the soup was enough for supper.
Lights out was at 10pm, but since we had to get up at 4am to make the guysers, we asked our driver if he could help us turn out the lights in our room earlier. So, he stood on an old tire and used my jeans to undo the lightbulb. In the morning (4am) he brought us a candle since the elecrticity wouldn't be turned back on until a more reasonable breakfast time.