New Year's Eve in La Paz

I helped Hilary get a taxi out to the Oberland Hotel with the kids and I settled down to a day in the city, filling out a police report about my muchilla (backpack) and buying new clothes for the kids & I. So much better here than in Europe or something - I mean here a pair of trousers costs about $5, and tee-shirts are less! It is a maze in the market and I was extremely tired after 12 bumpy hours on the bus overnight, so the day was exhausting. I finally gave up - I had almost everything I needed, and I went back to the hotel.

The kids had been swimming and playing all day - thanks to Iain's clothes. We only had a very tiny double room because the hotel was very full for New Year's Eve. They wanted us to rent antother room because they said 5 was too many with 2 double beds, but we talked them into just charging us the triple rate for the double room. We made Aodhan a floor bed with a bunch of extra blankets, and we were all cosy for the night.

We ate our supper at the hotel. My lip is very sunburned, and dry and cracked from the salt and from windburn, so the tomato soup, and the vinagarettte on the salad were really painful. My lips look like I have just descended from Everest.

After supper, the hotel lit a little bonfire in the courtyard garden, and someone gave the kids some sparklers. There was about half a dozen or so kids there and they all ran around laughing and drawing in the darkness with the shining sparklers. One of the other guests got some Brillo pads, and tied one to a string, lit the end of the pad on fire and started swinging! This is such a cool trick!

In case you odn't know what a Brillo Pad is (I think the ones we used were another brand)

This isn't us, but it is like what we did!

I was really tired from the long days and I finally crawled into bed and slept. Hilary took the kids out to watch the ring of fireworks from the mountains around La Paz.