Oberland Hotel and Mallasa Photos

Mallasa is a suburb of La Paz. It is out in the "Valley of the Moon" area. We had to go through a couple of cool tunnels on the way out there.

The Oberland Hotel. What an oasis after a long journey. The glass dome is over the indoor swimming pool and hottish tub area - it's a hot tub and they half fill it with warm water, but there is no heating so it cools off eventually. The pool is quite cold despite being indoor. When it was really hot out the one day it was nice, but it wasn't hot for very many days.

The playground equipment at the hotel was oversized and great for "big kids"!

We had a lovely loft in our room.

They had a great breakfast buffet with lots of choices including bacon and eggs!

The view from our yellow hotel room window. I guess they make the windows yellow to keep out the bright sun.

Aodhan and Pancho the hotel cat - he was very friendly and really liked Aodhan. He even sat outside our hotel room waiting for Aodhan sometimes. Pancho is a short form for Francisco so I have learned!

A cool gate at someone's house.

This photo shows the park where the ATVs are. In the background is the Condor cage for the zoo. I think it is Ciaran on the motorbike in the picture.

And of course, the condors.

Not a rabbit - it has a tail - this larger creature is called a vizcacha.

There were hundreds maybe thousands of people waiting for a bus after a day at the park or at the zoo. I have never seen such a long, patient line up. It was a holiday - that's why so many people.

Aodhan on New Year's Eve

Ciaran on New Year's eve.

Our New Year's eve dinner at the Oberland Hotel. We had fondu.

After dinner, one of the guests at the hotel showed everyone how to tie a brillo pad to a string and light the end on fire - run to an empty area and start swinging the string. I have since found out that brillo pads can be lit on fire by touching them with a 9 volt battery too! What cool (and chea) fireworks.

The kids had fun taking sticks with glowing tips out of the fire and drawing with them - with some pretty amazing results!

Afterwards, Hilary took them out to see the real firesorks over the city of La Paz.