The Road to Uyuni - Photos

This was our leaky drippy cold shaking bouncy bus to Uyuni. If you look closely you can see all the clear packing tape on the ceiling - especially around the leaky vent in the ceiling. Notice the Swiss man with his ear-flaps on his hat and his big bulky sweater. He was still cold.We sat in this line up for at least a couple of hours - probably 3 hours, because a small bus had tipped over off the road while trying to drive through one of the not-so-dry river beds on the "highway"??
This is our bus - we are just about to drive past the tipped bus that you can see in the distance. Notice the great road we are driving on?!! "What road??"
This is the tipped over bus - and this is the road that we just drove over past the little bus. In the distance, you can still see the line-up of buses waiting to get around the accident.
At least the scenery was beautiful!

This is our hotel room in Uyuni - where we spent Christmas morning!
Just outside of Uyuni in a little pueblo near the salar.