Somewhere in the middle of Bolivia - Photos

On the way back from the geysers and hot springs we passed more interesting rock formations.

This one reminded me of an Easter Island head.
There were these huge moss-like plants. Patricia says they are edible - they dry them and grind them.. When you cook them they get huge! They grow really slowly. This one is probably over hundred years old. They are not soft like moss, but hard like wood.

We came to this beautiful canyon.

This is Ciaran taking that last shot - and yes, it is straight down about a million metres, and yes, the amount of adrenaline in my blood watching Ciaran take that shot was extreme.
Ciaran walking back from the photo spot. We had to walk out on a narrow precipice to take the photos.
We stopped for lunch in a little pueblo.

And of course, there were lots of Llama crossing signs!
This was a pretty church - built recently.
And of course the obligatory pigs outside the church - you can see them in the last photo too.
Do you still recall the frightful night we crossed the Rio Grande?