The trip back from La Paz, Bolivia to Arequipa, Peru

From La Paz to Copacabana

A very wet farm with sheep grazing.
Lake Titicaca.

There were people begging - whole families who lived in tents on the side of the highway on the shores of the lake.
About an hour before Copocabana, we had to cross Lake Titicaca on ferries. The bus went on one raft and we went in small boats.
It is a very colourful harbour with all the brightly painted boats and rafts to ferry the people across. The boats somehow look like small brightly coloured children's toys.
Our bus departing on it's raft with all our luggage... Hope it doesn't tip!
The view of Lake Titicaca as we crossed it on the small ferry boat - which amazingly enough, was equipped with lots of new looking lifejackets!
A proud Bolivian woman on her way home from the market.
How the heck do they keep those hats on! And . . . Why? It's not like they provide sun shade or warmth. However, they do look really cool.

The gateway to Peru at the Bolivian border.The beautiful altiplano on the way to Arequipa.
Home at last - we arrived late last night and the security guard had our keys. In the morning we sleepily enjoyed our first breakfast in our apartment.