Arequipa Architecture

The architecture in Arequipa is fascinating. There are many tiny streets with a variety of buildings on them.
I swear this house came straight out of a wild west movie.
Bright colours keep many of these buildings looking nice.
Of course, there are so many buildings made of the white volcanic rock - thus the term Ciudad Blanco or "White City" The carving on them is stunning - it must have taken many people a lot of time. And the doors - some of them should be called "moving walls" they are so big! This church, Iglesia de la Compania, is just off Plaza de Armas, and has a beautiful cloister beside it - which I think I already posted pictures of a long time ago.
I think this is one of the side doors of Iglesia de la Compania.
This church is on the other side of Plaza Aramas - just a block or so away from the plaza. I think this one is called Iglesia de San Augustin.
This is in the courtyard of the little Turkish restaurant beside the grocery store called Plaza Vea. They serve things like kibbies and shawarmas. The kids love it!