Around Arequipa

These dried llama fetuses are for sale at the Mercado San Camilo. They apparently bring good luck to a new home as well as other times (I am guessing this is not so lucky for the llama). They also sell healing powders and love potions and incense that attracts money and much more. There are many fortune tellers that will read your tarot.
Either Ciaran and Aodhan shrunk, or this is a huge guitar!
This is our favourite little restaurant "Fez" - just a couple of blocks from Plaza Armas. They have great falafels.
Aodhan also found a gigantic i-phone. I tried to get a photo with the main screen, but it flipped past it too quickly.
In the big mall - food court.
The big mall - Sagafalabella. (Not really that big). One major department store (Sagafalabella) and one small circuit of little stores like Radio Shack and Payless Shoes etc. There is also a movie theatre upstairs that shows 4 movies. In the basement is a grocery store.
Sagafalabella is on a very busy street. It is just a few blocks from the Mirador de Yanahuara. This is of course one of the posher parts of town. I haven't been past the mall - perhaps I should go up that way...
This little guy is about 8 - sure gives the correct meaning to "squeegy kid".
This bridge is over Avenue de la Marina and the river, on the way to the mall - near Plaza Vea. The park at the right seems to have a lot of smoochy couples lounging in it quite often. Haven't really been too much further past this bridge either. Hmmm... maybe need to go this way too!