Around the House

Ciaran practicing his trumpet
Aodhan and Ciaran built aliens today out of plastic bags and cardboard boxes and plastic bottles etc. They are very complete - with internal organs and eye sockets with eyeballs and brains etc.
Aodhan - just lounging on his bed.
The knife sharpeners come around with their ingenious little carts. The wheel works as wheel to push the contraption up and down the street, and then they sit the handles down and hook the belt around the wheel and presto! a pedal operated knife sharpener. I like these guys because they play little Pan flutes. Each type of person plays some different tune. If you hear the pan flute, you know there is a knife sharpener nearby. If you hear a squalky bird call, you know it is an ice cream bike, If you hear a long whiny whistle, you know there is a security guard nearby. If you hear Fur Elise you run like hell to collect your garbage and get it outside because the garbage trucks play Fur Elise!!!
Ciaran - trying to complete his school work! Pretty exhausted these days!
Just relaxing.
Aodhan - trying on our new mask.
Ciaran outside.
Aodhan helping with laundry.