This little park is called Tingo. It is a regular spot for a day outing for locals. There were no tourists here. The little pond is very cute with a couple little islands, one with a bridge to it. The kids had a fantastic time here. You could rent paddle boats and row boats and there were some small carnival activities for kids, and a couple of places to buy snacks. I am sure it is very busy on weekends - especially holiday weekends.
There were two rides (both a little small for our boys). One was a little airplane ride and the other was kind of a merry go round with Little Tykes cars and other ride on toys for the kids to sit on. In the foreground you can see the trampoline with the carnival tent over it.
The big boat was just for show.
Some boys were fishing off the bridge with soda bottles cut open so they could catch minnows. I didn't actually see them catch anything, but they were having a lot of fun. In the background you can see Aodhan in the peddle boat.
Ciaran and Aodhan in the old fiberglass peddleboat. The thing must have weighed a ton, and looked quite indestructible.
Ciaran trying his skill at the carnival games - shooting corks with an air gun. As you can see he has shot 3 of the 5 animals off their stands - he shot 4 of the 5 off with his 5 corks. I'm not sure how to feel that my son is really good with a shotgun...
They had a few little ATVs there. The kids were really excited because they love ATVing. However, they only had a tiny lot to drive them in, and they freaked when Ciaran changed gears to reverse so that he could carefully back up. You were apparently only allowed to drive one person at a time around the tree the same way without ever changing gears on anything else. The kids were just as glad to stop when their time was up. Ciaran said he felt like running over the guy. He was kind of right, later I saw them let another guy drive around so fast he went up on two wheels and almost tipped, and they let another guy drive right into the brick wall, but it was not allowed for Ciaran to reverse safely, or make a safe figure 8 or anything...
The kids had the most fun on the trampoline I think. Trampolines here are fun, because they often have big balls in them. This one had one with a handle which the kids had a blast with.

They also loved the big bouncy slide and would jump as far as they could and land half way down the slide.
Aodhan is just about to jump!
Ciaran landing half way down the slide!