Horseback Classes

We started horseback in the new year. The kids like riding, and they are getting quite good at it - especially Ciaran. The ranch is about a 15-20 minute taxi ride from the house, which costs about $1.50 - $1.75. Lately we have been taking the little combi buses which costs about a third if that for the three of us. The lessons cost about $7.50 for a one hour class.

They are really careful with the kids here. They have a person to hold the horse, one to watch the child so that they don't fall, and an instructor. Aodhan's horse's name is Chocolate (pronounced of course Chokolattay)
Here they are all running with Aodhan!
Ciaran is a lot more advanced, so his lesson is a little more traditional - with one instructor. Ciaran's horse is Toronado (Tornado)
Ciaran and Maria helping with a lesson for one of the little kids. They do "hippotherapy" here with mentally and physically challenged children. These kids really do need people to walk on either side and one person to lead the horse.