Mirador Sachaca

This is a picture of Mirador Sachaca from Tingo (the little amusement park). You can see the lookout tower on top of the hill. I am getting better at taking the little combis. I just asked one of the ladies there and she told me which combi to take to get there. Afterwards, I just asked a combi if they went near the centre.
This pretty church is up there. It is not that old - maybe mid 1800's.

Inside the church.
There are lots of little streets like this one, with steps going up the side of the hills.
Some of the houses look as though they have been there since the 1500's - with ancient thatched rooves, and stone walls.
There was a crack between the wall and the thatch on one of these houses, and I took a picture of the inside. Clay pots, baskets, adobe fire stove - right out of a museum.
Looking out over the hills surrounding Arequipa. You can see words written on the hills in stones - like "Cafe Venesuela" and "Nestle" and logos and other graphics. I always find it amazing, that when people look at similar things that were done hundreds or even thousands of years ago, huge pictures and drawings on the sides of hills or on the earth, people say "must have been something religious..." Ya. Maybe the teenagers of that time period were bored, or someone was artistic. Maybe they just wanted to make something cool - like "hey, wouldn't that look cool really big???"
Looking into the city of Arequipa. You should be able to see Misti, but it is cloudy and Misti is ... well... misty and missing! This lookout was "way out of the city" we were told. It was about a 15 minute car ride from downtown (longer on the little combi because they twist and turn through many side streets). And yet, we were told by many people that Colca Canyon is in Arequipa, even though it is 6 hours away - just like Machu Picchu is at Cuzco - which is 4.5 hours away!
Looking in the other direction you can see the rest of Sachaca - which is one of the suburbs of Arequipa.