Mirador Yanahuara

Mirador Yanahuara is one of the lookouts in the city. When I got here, I thought that Colca Canyon was right beside Arequipa, and that the lookouts over the city were part of the whole canyon thing, but it turns out that the canyon is six hours away. The Yanahuara Lookout or Mirador Yanahuara has nothing to do with the canyon. It's funny the visions you have before getting to a place! This lookout isn't much of a lookout. It has a pretty park, and some really pretty archways that they have built, so they can bring tourists up here to see something! We didn't bother with tours and tourbuses, we just took one of the local combis over.

The pretty park with the pretty church.
This little laneway is off the park.
The archways are all inscribed with words from famous local people. Apparently if it is not foggy, you can get a great photo of Misti and the other mountains through the archways.