Mollendo (The Beach)

It was fantastic - warm and sunny the whole day! The water felt quite cold, but once you got in it was great. I think Ciaran spent most of the day in the waves.
We arrived early in the morning and there were no people - Ciaran and Aodhan had the ocean to themselves! You can see Ciaran in the background.
Ciaran played in the waves all day. He loved it. Here comes a big one!
Getting closer!
Over top - you can just see the top of Ciaran's head and there is still more wave to come!
Aodhan loved the huge waves too, but stayed a little closer to the shore.
By the middle of the day, the beach was packed.
All the little rented umbrellas were filled!
At one end of the beach there were big rocks that they wanted people to stay away from. In the middle of the day there were two separate incidences of young boys (maybe age 12 & 15) getting thrown against the rocks by the waves and having to be rescued and carried off the rocks. The second boy was not moving and was very limp.
Right beside the beach is a cute little waterpark with slides and pools. If we go back we may go to it. It was only a couple of dollars to get in.
There were lots of people climbing on the rocks early in the morning. We went over later to try climbing them, but the lifeguards told us it was dangerous. The boys that were injured were not climbing on the rocks, but people have probably tried to climb right over them and dive off of them etc.
Aodhan spent lots of time in his beach chair drawing!
Yasenia and me. Yasenia is my Spanish teacher - we went to the beach with her kids and her husband.
Her little boys are 2 and 4 years old The boys spent lots of time making sand castles together.
There were people that came around selling beach toys. This little hawker can't be more than 10 years old. He stood for quite a while watching the boys play. Yasenia's husband is watching the kids play.
The boys buried Ciaran in the sand. He put a towel over him first so they wouldn't get sand in his eyes and mouth, and then he let them bury him completely.
By the time they got on the bus, all the kids were exhausted and eventually they all fell asleep.