The streets of Arequipa

This laneway is near Plaza Vea (the big supermarket). Again, you can see the white volcanic rock.
This archway is on Avenue La Marina beside Plaza Vea. It is under one of the big bridges across the river. You can see the big glass walls of Plaza Vea in the background.

I'm not sure what you call this road surface of Concrete with beach pebbles in it - kind of a cobblestone but different. They use it quite a bit here - inside as well for floors of public buildings - it looks like it would be very durable. These streets are in the fancier Yanahuara district, and everyone has matching little plantpots outside their house with red geraniums in them.

This very strange red handprint was on a wall a couple of blocks from Plaza Aramas. It is very strange and stands out very clearly on the white volcanic rock.