Escape from "Perfectville" D.C.

In the morning we went to the nice little restaurant in the hotel "Ketchup" and had a fantastic breakfast, with a big bowl of coffee.
We decided we had to see this sculpture down by the waterfront across from the restaurant as we couldn't take our eyes off of it through breakfast.
It was a really cool sculpture of a Poseidon-like man buried in sand.
We drove downtown again to "The Mall" which has Capital Hill at one end, and the Lincoln Memorial at the other and the Washington Monument in the middle. The Smithsonian Museums, of which there are 20!!! are all around the mall between the Washington Monument and Capital Hill.
There was a guy playing "Stomp" music outside the Natural History Museum - he was really good - I should have made a video.
We went to the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum. Both were fantastic of course.
We drove back to our "Truman Show" set, and stopped at the grocery store on the way. I saw a barber shop, and decided it couldn't hurt for Ciaran to get a trim. How do we know that this barber shop is in the USA?Aodhan picked out a birthday cake and we sang happy birthday in the hotel room. After, Aodhan wanted to go to the restaurant across the street by himself, because he was now a very mature 11 years old. He had a great time, and we had a great time at the next wine and cheese event, and Ciaran had a great time in the hotel room with his bass guitar. All in all, a great day.