Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario

You can barely see the Nebraska sign, because there was roadwork going on. When the boys took one step on the new concrete (yes it was dry) one of the work crew came running like as if they had just stepped knee deep in wet cement. We backed off and took the photo from the edge.
Go west young man. Not very big to pack up your entire life and move.
Ok, a little larger than life.
Well, Nebraska was, um, hmmm, well, probably a nice quiet place to live without tourists bothering anyone - kind of like, Iowa and Indiana...
Fields, and more fields and some trees...

There are windmill farms everywhere and we saw them transporting the blades to build new ones - they are huge - look at how they dwarf this giant 18 wheeler - it must be dragging two flatbeds - guess that makes it a 36 wheeler or something - talk about yer long load there.

Illinois. Home of Chicago. We stayed in a really nice little hotel, except with two days of driving through miles of monotonous farmland, we slept in and with the time change, missed breakfast. No problem I thought - we are headed downtown, we will just stop at the first place we see on our half hour drive into downtown Chicago and get something to eat. I find it weird that there was not one place on the TWO HOUR rush hour drive at 11 am, to stop and get even a coffee - not a sign for a McCrappys. So we finally pull up to the museum park on the waterfront and it is already past the time I wanted to be leaving there. I looked at the museums, yes, they looked really good. I looked at the $16 parking, knowing that we still had a 6+ hour drive and the museums were huge and far apart and my stomach growled it's anger at being ignored and I gave up. The kids agreed and we drove off out of Chicago. We will go back, it looks like it would be great. I think if we had only had a little something in our stomachs, we may have stayed, but too much, this needs to be on another trip - maybe one just to Chicago.

This is our favourite Mexican restaurant - Mexican Town in Detroit.

And... home