Oklahoma and Arkansas

The next morning we drove over past Graceland with XM Sirius 18 ALL ELVIS RADIO! Broadcasting from Graceland, Tennessee. The kids were suitably unimpressed. We decided not to pay the $50 to tour Graceland, but we took a photo of the famous gates.

We went to a great little science museum and stopped for lunch at a great little crab shack across the street. Ciaran was a little nervous to use the facilities after seeing the signage on the door.

There was really not that much in Oklahoma to take a photo of...

This lake with the trees growing in it was kind of interesting.

Aodhan got his new i-touch for his birthday.

Arkansas really lives up to it’s redneck hillbilly reputation.

The driver was texting when we drove by.

I like the blue sign on the right. There were quite a few like this.

Maybe they have some geography problems?

But with a name like this, maybe they didn't want to name their river after themselves.