Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi

The next morning we drove up to the science museum just near Knoxville in Oak Ridge *** aaahhh get it off me get it off me aaahhhh **** sorry - just thought there was something crawling on my leg, I’ve calmed down again. The drive up there was a bit of a waste of time. The museum was ok, but it really wasn’t worth the extra 40 minutes of driving. I had miscalculated that one - that’s what I get for planning all this in 3 days. The best thing in it was a 1940’s prebuilt house that was used to house the new families after WWII. It was very small and furnished with original artifacts. The kids now appreciate just how much more the average family owns.

We continued to Huntsville Alabama, and I will say, that if you are ever visiting Chicago, or Miami, or anywhere else within a 5000 mile radius, that this museum would be worth the side trip. It wins the award for having the largest displays, since it has the entire Saturn V rocket in one of it’s galleries and a space shuttle including external tanks and rocket boosters etc outside. It also wins the most fun museum since it has a huge rocket launcher ride and a huge G-force ride worthy of any theme park. It also has a 3D motion simulator ride. The Rocket launcher ride looks like one of those rides that goes slowly up to the top and then drops you and you bounce down. Ciaran and I sat there chatting and swinging our legs and talking about how fun it would be to drop down quickly and whether it was going to be cool or not when suddenly the thing took off - launching itself skyward - we screamed and swallowed our tongues - boy did that one catch us off-guard. When we got back to the bottom we looked at each other and screamed “AGAIN! AGAIN!” just like little teletubbies. Aodhan said it was too scary, but we dragged him on it and strapped him in, (terrible the things mothers do) and he gripped the hand-holds like death was upon him, but after the initial shock, he to said it was fantastic.

We drove 4.5 hours into Memphis and stayed in the nicest La Quinta we have been in.

yes - that is an entire Saturn V

95F in the shade...
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