We drove into downtown Washington on the way in, and without too much difficulty, found the Washington Monument. We parked near the monument and walked up to it. It is quite large, and from close up I felt that it looked like some surreal nightmare office tower with no windows

Imagine a child's bedroom with toy airplanes hanging from the ceiling - well the Air and Space Museum is just that - except of course, that the airplanes are real.
The kids were a little sceptical when I told them that someone actually flew across the Atlantic from New York to Paris in this little plane named the Spirit of St Louis.
We tried to drive by the White House, but it is really hard to get near the place. We settled for some photos from the Monument. If you look closely, I think that Obama is out on his balcony having coffee.
Later in the evening, Greg and I went back with the convention for a night tour of the capital. It was really great - we visited many of the monuments, Korean War, Lincoln, WWII, Vietnam, FDR, etcetera. While we were at the Lincoln Memorial, an unending stream of police and motorcycle cops went by, surrounding a black limo headed for the Whitehouse... I will assume we saw Obama coming home for the evening.
This was a cool shot of the tour members' shadows on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial.