Montezuma's Revenge

sick, tired an sleepless

with no one else to shine for

sick of all my distress

but I won't show I'm still poor

you can always say my attic has its charm

you can always say you did no major harm

you can always say that summer had its charm

and that you did no major harm

oh, spare me if you please

symptoms are so deep

something here's so wrong

nothing is complete

nowhere to belong

symptoms are so deep

I think I'd better stay

here on my own

so spare me if you please

Magnus Sveningsson

So where do I start? I have so many things, but I am so tired and I am falling asleep.

Well, the condo has a few issues, but perhaps none we can’t live with, and nothing that he really “lied” about.. The biggest problem there is, is that there is a new resort being built across the street, which means that I do not have a view of the ocean, but of the the construction workers as they work tirelessly, seemingly endlessly, with their jackhammers. The soft film of dust that blows across the once cobblestoned, but now muddy street, lands softly on everything here. I mean there is also all the little things, like closet doors that aren’t attached, and beds with no fitted sheets, the fridge makes a little gurgle when it runs and no internet tonight.

Aodhan has Montezuma’s Revenge. Aren’t you actually supposed to eat some Mexican food, or drink some Mexican water or something before that happens? Greg was sick the other day back in Toronto, so maybe tomorrow it will be mine or Ciaran’s turn. I guess it’s lucky that one of the two toilets in the condo is functional.

The good part of all this, is that Francisco seems to want to make it all ok. I am ok with people coming in to do work. The pool and back yard is lovely, and the front door has a security guard. This place will be lovely once again as when the resort across the street is finished, and with someone living here and taking care of the place and adding a homey touch.

The neighborhood seems great. The grocery store is two blocks away, as well as the place I got my phone. By the way, my phone number is 322 123 6544 in case anyone wants to call me.

I am so tired, and I think I will have to get up with Aodhan every two hours. And as it turns out, I do have to get up with Aodhan every two hours. Luckily he chose to sleep on the leather sofa, so even if he hadn’t made the bucket, all would have been ok. And the washer and dryer worked, so I could wash the sheets in the morning.

Before we left Canada, all Aodhan said was that he didn’t want to go to Mexico, he wanted to go to ... wait for it ... Winnipeg!!! That’s right, Winnipeg, Manitoba. So far I have met a few neighbours and I really like the people here. However, by one of the strangest co-incidence in the world, or by the fact that Aodhan must be psychic, at least a dozen of the people I have met, out of about 15 or 20 are from ... Winnipeg! WTF?

Our lovely "Ocean View" ... too bad they are building a "5 star Dreams" resort in the way.

Our friendly little gecko - I love geckos because they eat bugs!

Our Kitchen as it was when we first saw it - love the floor rags on the counter. This was apparently "just cleaned". I told him that if that was "just cleaned" the maid needed to be fired.