Flying into Maui on Island Air's prop plane.

The propeller blades are interesting when shot with a digital camera.

Maui from the air

We started off our Maui adventure with a trip on the America II - which is a 65 foot America's Cup boat. Not allowed to help sail her because of strict regulations, but fantastic sailing on the open water.

The island of Lanai in the background.

Their sails looked blown out, but apparently they get a new set every two years! The next set is due to arrive in four weeks.

Waves just never show up well in photos. These don't look big, but they were:)

We drove part of the road to Hana - we didn't have time for the whole road - we had to stop half way and turn around.

It was raining that day, so we saw lots of rainbows.

And some waterfalls.

Heading back to take the ferry back to Lanai from Lahaina

 Our final rainbow over Maui as the ferry left port