Four Season's Manele Bay, Lanai

 Our Hotel is lovely. Everywhere you look is gardens or ocean. The service is superb. I highly recommend this resort...

The view from our room is of the ocean. Greg wanted to leave the glass balcony doors open all the time so that we could hear the sound of the surf, and fall asleep with the gentle breeze. After a several experiences with wildlife creatures in our room, including something mammalian, Greg has decided that the air conditioning will suffice.

 Our room is quite large. Our bathroom is giant! I think I want to take the bed home with me - or maybe  just the lovely ladies that come in and make it every morning.

Breakfast on the patio beside the pool - lovely. The cappuccino from the bar is one of the best I have ever had in my life. The food in this restaurant is to die for. Chef Darius is amazing. He's a really nice guy too.